Bonita Real Estate Info

Often confused with the town of Bonita in California’s Madera County, San Diego County’s community of Bonita is comfortably nestled between the cities of Chula Vista, National City, and San Diego in Southern California. As part of the county’s southern region, Bonita has become a contributing member to one of the county’s most diverse and dynamic atmospheres. Bonita occupies a five-mile stretch of the Sweetwater River, its valley, and the surrounding hills that slope upwards from the banks on either side of the river.

The interstate I-805 allows for residents to quickly and efficiently reach and leave town in order to commute to a number of places in the surrounding area. Modern Bonita is actually the combination of a number of housing tracts and developments that were built in a housing boom between the 1960s and the 1980s. Some of those neighborhoods have become the most important drivers of the Bonita community, including Bonita Downs, Bonita Fairways, Bonita Glen, Bonita Highlands, Bonita Long Canyon, Bonita Woods, Bonita Woods Park, Emerald Ranch, Lynwood Hills, and Ames Ranch.

Because of Bonita’s rather rural environment that is somewhat different relative to the rest of San Diego County, a number of different animals and wildlife are able to thrive in the area, like coyotes, raccoons, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, possums, and skunks. While these animals frequently appear in the community, they very rarely cause distress for the residents of Bonita. The area’s interesting climate is a unique combination of San Diego County’s coastal and inland valley climates. While not as hot as the inland valleys of El Cajon, Bonita is much warmer than many of the areas located directly on the coast. Still, most Bonita residents report the local climate and being quite pleasant.

The annual Bonitafest is an annual community gathering that includes a parade and street fair. It is just one of many events meant to bring the entire Bonita network together. Bonita’s recreational facilities are also quite interesting. As the community is considered a rural and equestrian enclave in the midst of a suburban region, one of Bonita’s best features is the recreational life available to residents and visitors. A number of walking trails, paired with large parks at Sweetwater Regional Park, Summit Meadow, and Sweetwater County Park, makes for an enjoyable exercise routine for the whole family.