Pacific Beach Real Estate Information

The San Diegan community of Pacific Beach is north of downtown San Diego and is surrounded by some of the area’s most well-known and prestigious neighborhoods and real estate. Pacific Beach is bounded to the north by La Jolla, to the south by Mission Beach, the I-5 interstate to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. This geographical set-up is perfect for residents who want to live outside of the urban city of San Diego.

While residents of Pacific Beach can travel into the downtown San Diego area within fifteen minutes, the Pacific Beach community is quite quiet and open, helped by the fact that there is water on two of the four neighborhood boundaries. Beautiful oceanic views, especially at sunset help to make Pacific Beach one of the most desirable places to live. Pacific Beach Community Park, Palisades Park, Kate O Sessions Memorial Park, Santa Clara Point Community Park, and Mission Bay Golf Course are the area’s largest recreational areas and make good use of the natural beauty available to local residents of Pacific Beach.

Pacific Beach is known to be one of San Diego’s younger communities and is populated by many young people, surfers, and college students, although rising costs have led to a more affluent and professional crowd. Affectionately referred to as “P.B.” by the locals, Pacific Beach hosts one of San Diego’s larger nightlife scenes because of its variety of bars, restaurants, and fashion boutiques.

Mission Bay is a beautiful spectacle in itself and is the geographical and ecological driver of the area. The salt-water bay and lagoon includes Mission Bay Park, the largest man-made aquatic park in the country. On most weekends, it’s not uncommon to see water sport enthusiasts take part in wakeboarding, jet skiing, sailing, and camping. While Pacific Beach is the main way of passage for those people trying to reach Mission Bay and its associated park, the community also has a number of fun natural places to take advantage of. San Juan Cove, Santa Barbara Cove, North Cove, and Santa Clara Cove are all part of Pacific Beach in addition to the picturesque and calm Sail Bay that forms the area’s southern boundary.