Leucadia real estate Information

The old-fashioned, tree-lined community of Leucadia is one of the most prominent neighborhoods of the city of Encinitas. Known for its charming but often older homes, unique art galleries, specialty boutiques, and fun restaurants, the primarily single-family home community is conveniently located directly on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Encinitas Beach Country Park and Seaside Gardens Park, both located on the area’s coastline begin in Leucadia and stretch down the long shores that Encinitas is known for. Leucadia State Beach, known more commonly as “Beacon’s,” is a protected Californian beach and is run by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. A popular place for fishing, surfing, and other fun beach activities, the protected beach has been kept clean and usable for residents to use and enjoy on a daily basis. The absolutely beautiful Batiquitos Lagoon is just north of Leucadia and is a wonderful place to exercise, jog, or simply sit and marvel at the wonders of nature. Aviara Golf Course and La Costa Country Club are just across the lagoon from Leucadia while Encinitas Ranch Golf Course forms the community’s eastern border. The exciting Orpheus Park, James MacPherson Park, and quail Park Botanical Garden are also popular recreational hotspots for the residents of Leucadia and visitors alike.

Because Leucadia is so small, only a limited number of stores and eateries are able to survive in the immediate community. Therefore, residents can shop at the Encinitas Ranch Town Center or the Encinitas Marketplace, both of which offer excellent grocery stores as well as other restaurants, coffee shops, and stores.

Several annual activities bring together the small community to join in jubilant fanfare. Light up Leucadia is a holiday event that encourages residents to decorate their properties and compete for cash prizes. The Leucadiart Festival is a one-mile stretch of art and other work from 101 artists. Leucadia Nights are held periodically throughout the year and invite residents so shop, stroll, drink, eat, and converse along some of the area’s most charming stretches of streets and beaches. A weekly Farmers Market is also a popular attraction.