Santee Real Estate Info

Nestled just south of the easternmost portion of the United States Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, the city of Santee is named after Milton Santee, the brother-in-law of George Cowles, one of San Diego’s ranching pioneers. Today, Santee’s population has stabilized around 54,000, although there is plenty of space for future development and expansion. The Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital can be found in Santee and offers many residents with peace of mind knowing that a place of care can be found in the immediate vicinity.

The river that flows from the El Capitan Reservoir trickles to the south of Santee and is a picturesque and tranquil spot of reflection as well as a fun place of the area’s youth to frolic in the shallow embankments. A series of small lakes, called Santee Lakes, forms the town’s western border and is enclosed as part of the Santee Lakes Regional Park and Campground. Not only does the park offer residents the perfect place to camp, barbeque, host parties, spend long weekends, and have fun, the park also provides an essential recreational area, thanks to its grassy fields and winding jogging paths. Santee is also home to a popular Southern California rock climbing area, appropriately called Santee Boulders.

Mast Park, Town Center Ball Field, Rio Seco Ball Field, Radio Towers Park, Polo Barn Park, Woodglen Vista Park, Big Rock Park, Santee Mini-Park, Mast Park, Shadow Hill Park, and West Hills Park are amongst the city parks maintained in Santee. The Louis A. Stelzer County Park in nearby Eucalyptus Hills is the primary athletics area because of its baseball diamonds and fields maintained for soccer, football, and other grass sports.

Santee School District and Grossmont Union High School District operate in conjunction with each other to provide a seamless educational experience. One noticeable difference in the progression of schools is the lack of middle schools. All Santee School District schools operate grades K through 8 and immediately connect to a high school in the area. Santee’s youth start at one of nine elementary schools before attending ninth grade at Santana High, West Hills High, or Liberty Charter High.