Gaslamp District Real Estate Info

The 16.5-acre Gaslamp Quarter is one of downtown San Diego’s most treasured neighborhoods for its historical value and cultural significance to the surrounding community. Initially developed in 1867 at the start of San Diego’s creation, the Gaslamp area underwent an urban revitalization and renewal in the late 1980s and early 1990s to become the energetic, vibrant, and engaging business and entertainment district it is today. Because of the area’s rich heritage and dynamic past, the Gaslamp Quarter is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The region includes ninety-four historic buildings from the Victorian Era.

A number of annual events hosted in Gaslamp have become the cornerstones of life in the neighborhood. It is the meticulously planned and executed festivities that have kept the beat and rhythm of the Gaslamp Quarter alive for so many years. One of the largest festivals held locally is the Mardi Gras Celebration, held in February and inclusive of parades, balls, and block parties. Another large event is Taste of Gaslamp, where a number of local San Diegan restaurants and eateries set-up booths where residents and visitors alike can sample from some of the best local cuisine. Taste of Gaslamp also includes a variety of different entertainment. ShamROCK, a St. Patrick’s Day celebration features a variety of rock bands and other similar music in addition to different contests and community involvement fairs.

Above and beyond the beautiful architecture, old town charm, and scenic views that make Gaslamp such a special and unique place to live, work, and play, it is quite apparent that the daily events make for an interesting time. Petco Park is one of the Gaslamp area’s biggest attractions and is an open-air ballpark that hosts the San Diego Padres baseball team who moved to the new facility after sharing Qualcomm Stadium with the San Diego Chargers football team. Residents and visitors of the Gaslamp Quarter can seamlessly walk to the stadium which is no more than six blocks from any part of the Gaslamp area.

The San Diego Convention Center separates Gaslamp from the Embarcadero Marina Park and the Pacific Ocean. The center offers over 615,000 square feet of exhibit space and is currently the 24th-largest convention center in North America. The center’s distinctive sails reflect San Diego’s maritime history and are a well-known landmark from the city and from the sea.