North Park Real Estate Info

Slightly removed from the junction of State Route 15 Escondido Freeway and the I-805 interstate, North Park as a neighborhood includes several sub-communities like Burlingame, Altadena, and Morley Field. Following a major renovation and gentrification in the early 2000s, North Park has easily become one of the most respected communities in the San Diego city area. North Park’s distinctive architecture has been studied for years. A collection of different styles from many eras, housing types range from Craftsman Bungalows to upscale Dryden homes. The architecture is so amazing and inspiring that several walking tours take visitors through the area every day.

North Park is flush up against San Diego’s version of New York City’s Central Park. Balboa Park, extending from downtown’s 6th Avenue to 28th Street, is an area filled with several museums and other points of interest, most notably the San Diego Zoo. The zoo is one of the largest and most progressive zoos in the world and features over 4,000 animals of more than 800 species. The park also hosts the Morley Field Sports Complex, Balboa Park Municipal Golf Course, Golden Hills Community Recreation Area, Balboa Stadium, and Naval Medical Center San Diego. North Park’s prime location alongside Balboa Park is a great benefit for all residents because not only is there a close by recreational area to jog, partake in sports, and have family picnics, but the greenery of the park helps to make the urban area seem more residential.

The Arts, culture, and cuisine thrive as a part of North Park’s daily life. As one would expect in the Los Angeles city scene, San Diego too has its district of eclectic restaurants, independent coffee shops, bars, night clubs, and other eateries. North Park has activity at all times of the day, ranging from the early morning crowd grabbing their coffee on the go to the late evening crowd hopping between restaurants, bars, and other nighttime activities. Ray at Night is a gallery walk held monthly to display some of the artwork that best represents North Park and San Diego’s rich heritage. The Birch North Pay Theatre is home to the Lyric Opera San Diego. An annual holiday parade is also held in December and marks the close of the year.