Del Cerro Real Estate Info

Literally translated from Spanish to English, Del Cerro means “of the hill” in relation to the neighborhood’s position overlooking the eastern part of San Diego. The upper middle-class neighborhood is known for its small selection of high end luxury homes that are built within a number of sub-communities like Del Cerro Highlands, Princess Del Cerro, and Olde Del Cerro. The small community receives the Mission Times Courier, a greater area newspaper that covers local Del Cerro news. This is quite unusual given the extremely small population of the neighborhood.

Several community events make Del Cerro one of the most well-known communities. The annual Del Cerro block party is held in Lower Del Cerro and features live bands, DJ music, excellent food, children’s entertainment, arts and crafts, and a variety of other activities. Fourth of July is an even larger occasion in Del Cerro because of a pool party and fireworks celebration hosted by the community. Del Cerro is often crowded by residents and visitors from surrounding areas who look to share in the annual spectacle.

Del Cerro has a rather limited commercial area, centered around Del Cerro Boulevard. A limited number of restaurants, shops, and gas stations line the thoroughfare. Therefore, most residents must take advantage of malls and shopping complexes in neighboring areas. Westfield Shoppingtown Mission Valley, a few minutes west of Del Cerro is probably the most convenient option although a whole host of options exist in the city center of San Diego which is also just a few minutes away by road.

Neighboring other communities like San Carlos, Allied Gardens, College Area, Grantville Lake Murray, and La Mesa, Del Cerro and its residents are located in the midst of non-stop activity and action throughout the year. Del Cerro is actually directly across the I-8 interstate from San Diego State University, the largest and oldest higher education facility in the greater San Diego area. As the third oldest university in the California State University system and one of the oldest campuses in the state, SDSU welcomes 34,000 students to campus and has an alumni base in excess of 200,000 graduates. While most housing in Del Cerro is out of the typical student’s price range, several administrators and faculty members at the school reside in Del Cerro.